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Omega is one of the largest operators in the Ukrainian market of automotive components. We have 29 years of successful work under our belt. Knowledge, experience and resources are the power of motion which ensures the dynamic development of our company. We know perfectly well what difficulties our partners have to face in operating a business. Therefore, we use all available resources and expertise to help them to develop their business successfully. The continuous expansion of the range, the service improvement of the order support, the training programs in collaboration with the global suppliers of automotive components — we are ready to provide the maximum support to our partners. Our passion is to make your work more successful, and our interaction is simple and convenient. Omega is a reliable business partner you can trust.

NRF factory — <br>from work piece to finished heater


Following the results of the promo from the NRF brand, which took place from July to August, six of our partners won a trip to the manufacturer’s factory ...

NRF factory —
from work piece to finished heater
Emmerre Robotics


In October, five of our partners visited the Emmerre plant - the winners of the “Emmerre invites to Italy” campaign held from March to May ...

Emmerre Robotics
Robots and 3D lasers<br>at CEI


Our partners had a great opportunity to see how the CEI factory in Italy works. Especially for the winners of the “Velvet Season with CEI” campaign held in July by CEI together with Omega LLC ...

Robots and 3D lasers
at CEI