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Changing yourself, you are changing the company and the world around

There are 2500 employees
in our team

Our employees took 2500 hours
of training course

Omega is a team of professionals who love and know their work.

We strive to become the best in our business and for this we never stop on what we have achieved, we move forward no matter what. It is important for us to learn, improve our professional level, because we are very demanding of ourselves and our results.

Our team highly appreciates ideas that will improve the quality of service or optimize daily work. We are not afraid of non-standard tasks, and always accept the challenge.

Besides — we are never bored: we can relax, take care of the environment and do charity work.

Our motto is: changing ourselves — changing the company — changing the world around us.

Join our team!


I see a purpose, but I do not see obstacles

Yevgen Sobol, the project manager of the WMS system implementation, has been working at Omega for over 20 years. During the interview we found out how Yevgen built his career, what interesting projects he implemented and how he achieved his goals.

Svitlana Yakovleva: 25 years in the team

Svitlana Yakovleva is a top-ranked specialist and an extraordinary person. She came to the company in the period of its establishment and already for 25 years every day, giving a part of herself, she helps to build Omega that we know today.

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