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We remind you that when ordering goods by self-pickup, new convenient options are available

We remind you that we have introduced pleasant innovations in the process of receiving orders by self-pickup:

1. Now, when making an order, you must specify the recipient's phone number. A message about readiness and a special code for receiving an order will be sent to this number. To get it, it is enough to tell us this code, and the goods are in your hands!

2. Payment for the order can be made at the checkout or in the self-service terminal, depending on the receiving warehouse. For orders issued on prepayment or deferred payment, you can receive an invoice upon issue.

3. For warehouses in Kharkiv (Vasischevo and Babai) with a checkpoint system, you can issue a pass to the territory at the time of order! To do this, when making an order, you must fill in the "Vehicle number" field, the pass will be issued automatically.

You can see how it works in our video link .