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And again about EDI

We already wrote about the Electronic Data Interchange. But today we would like to tell you why we switched to EDI and recommend it to our partners.

The main advantage of electronic document workflow is convenience. Firstly, the documents are not lost, if necessary, you can upload the desired document from the system at any time. Secondly, with EDI, the stock accounting is sped up: you receive electronic documents immediately after the goods are shipped from the warehouse. Thirdly, with EDI you have correct and transparent accounting. Fourthly, there is the opportunity to work with partners contactlessly, there is no danger of transmission of infections, which is becoming one of the most important factors in today's world.

And if you are faced with the problem of incorrect signing of documents, then appreciate another undoubted advantage – the electronic signature of the document.

You can work with electronic issue documents in the same way as with tax invoices in M.E.Doc, FREDO Zvit, SOTA, 1C zvit, FlyDoc programs. All you need is access to the Internet.

It is easy to start working with EDI. To do this, you should to obtain an electronic digital signature (EDS), which will be used for reporting. If you do not have an EDS, then it can be obtained at the Accredited Key Certification Authority of your city (the closest ACSC can be found on the site, at the nearest Privat Bank branch, or through online Privat 24 system for business.

There is a special price for issuing an electronic digital signatures for our partners - 100 hryvnias.

We also help our partners to work with EDI: we train, provide instructions and technical support.

All our partners who are connected to electronic document workflow already receive delivery notes, invoices, rental certificates, subleases and service provision in electronic format.

Our managers will help you to start working with EDI. Send a request by e-mail: or call: 057 713 69 00; 067 623 69 00, extension 7.

Switch to EDI, we are sure you will appreciate the convenience of this system.