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"Omega" and KYB: difficult weather conditions could not prevent to give a drive and positive vibes to extreme lovers

Despite the fourth stage cancellation of the "Liman Cup" mini-rally Ukrainian Championship due to difficult weather conditions, XADO DRC fans of extreme sports together with the Subaru X-Team crew got their portion of drive.

On Saturday, September 25, at the Autodrome in Kharkiv, thanks to the title sponsor of the Subaru X-Team crew - KYB and partner company "Omega", everyone - young and old - had the opportunity to enjoy a ride in a sports car on this wonderful autumn day and take pictures with famous racers.

Rides in a sports car on the track as close as possible to the races caused unforgettable emotions from the guests. The sporting event was rich in sincere sunny smiles, which you can see in our photos. We are happy to share with you this charge of positive and drive.