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Svitlana Yakovleva: 25 years in the team

Svitlana Yakovleva is a top-ranked specialist and an extraordinary person. She came to the company in the period of its establishment and already for 25 years every day, giving a part of herself, she helps to build Omega that we know today.

Starting from the position of the operator, Svitlana has come a long professional way: took part in the opening of company branches, set up work for them. Now she is the head of the distance selling department and now is not the time to rest.

«I joined the company in May 1995 and was happy that I got a job at Omega. That time I worked with three wonderful people, thanks to whom Omega today is a huge stable enterprise with which you are confident in the future. I like that Omega does not stand still, it is constantly introducing innovations, while training the team».

Responsibility, leadership and good organizing abilities help Svitlana cope with the tasks. At the same time, colleagues know: she will always help to solve any working issues, no matter what business division of Omega they come from. Svitlana enjoys well-deserved recognition with colleagues. She is appreciated for her complete professionalism, full dedication to her work and tactfulness.

«As in any company, we have working issues, there are various difficulties that we overcome together. Due to these issues, I realized that I am surrounded by a strong team that trusts, understands and supports me».

Outside the office, Svitlana is a loving grandmother, and devotes all her time to her family: «My hobby is my family, that I really love».

We wholeheartedly congratulate Svitlana on her professional anniversary in the team!