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Achievements step by step

About tracking of time, organization and attention to details — the leading product manager for parts of the CIS — Yulia Bubleynik.

Recording of working time

How did my work in the company start? From the vacancy announcement on the website of the company where the control office manager was required. I sent a resume and was interviewed. It was the start of my professional growth, and a large and friendly team of our company helped me with this.

At the first position my duties included the accounting of working time of employees. Since then I`ve got only pleasant memories. I remember how we met the staff every day and inspired everyone with a good mood and positive for the day.

In the claim department

The work in the claim department was directly related with the partners of the company. It taught me that all actions should be detailed and methodical. It is necessary to have good organizational skills in order to reassure and convince the customer that we are in complete control of the course of work and are aimed at mutually beneficial cooperation terms.

In the sales department

Working in the sales department, you need to impress customers with technical knowledge and understanding of their activities. Our partners have to be sure that we understand their needs and that we are the company that can provide the best conditions.

The sales team helped me to enter this difficult process — these are the managers with a lot of experience, which they are always ready to share with.

Current tasks

My current position as the leading product manager is a managerial position, I make decisions about cooperation with suppliers, determine what benefits the company will receive from cooperation.

I need to learn constantly in the current position, as in principle and in any other one. You need to know everything that will help to make the right decision.

Three basic principles in work

The first principle is attention to details. The attentiveness is just necessary for productive work, as well as patience. Not everything can always work out on the first try. But step by step you need to move towards your goal.

The second principle is to be organized and sociable. And the third one — responsibility — is very important quality.

A good rest is a guarantee of productive work

For me it is important to really resting up, so outside of work I try to abstract away from all cases as much as possible. Then it is easier for me to start working actively in the morning.

I love fitness and swimming. Also, oddly enough, English. And it is all because my teacher is a megapositive person who gives the sustained energy and teaches by example “always remain on the positive side”.

And, of course, the best rest for each of us — with people closest to us. These are people who care about us and love regardless of whether we have achieved success or are now on the way to it.

To be better than yesterday

My life motto is to be better than yesterday, but not better than the others. I consider exactly this strategy to be a win-win. And to succeed, you need to work well, enhance the brain functions and always listen the constructive criticism.