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Andrii Hrebeniuk is an experienced true Omega worker

Andrii Hrebeniuk, a warehouseman at the acceptance area, is an experienced true Omega worker. He has been working in our friendly team for almost ten years. He loves his job and tries to do it perfectly. That's why Andrii’s colleagues highly appreciate him. Andrii told us his "Omega story" and shared some memories with us.

The beginning of the Omega path

I remember the first day of work as if it were today. All the newcomers gathered near the Central Warehouse chief executive’s office, and after the meeting we were assigned to our work areas. Me and five other men were assigned to unload carriages with truck tyres at the Alpha base area. At the time I was struck by the volume of the turnover of goods and the number of employees at the sites. Now, of course, it doesn't surprise me anymore.

A team of professionals

I like the team, which involved only professionals. Some of them will give advice you, and the other – in deed.

I believe there are many difficulties in our work, but all of them are resolved, some instantly, others require some time to resolve.

Andrii's supervisor Ihor Kozakov (the head of the acceptance area) highly appreciates his professional qualities: "Andrii seizes all things at once. He's easy to learn, calm and reasonable in any situation. There is no more reliable and responsible employee. In my opinion, Andrii is all around better. And the best deputy chief of the site you could wish for."

Funny memories from the past

Before Omega I worked in the Federal Rescue Service as a dispatcher for about eight years. Due to the reorganization of the Federal Rescue Service, we were all militarized, and I was laid off because I didn’t serve in the military. During my work there was everything: false alarms and really mined bus stations.

I remember the most interesting call. Calling on line 101 from a mobile at 23:45. I pick up the phone, and there a man's voice says that he is being monitored and irradiated with unknown rays, he has a suspicion that these are not people. After the first words, I was confused, thinking of a threat to someone's life. But then I realized that it was about aliens. I called the police and passed the information along to the duty policeman. They told me that it was their “habitue”.

Outdoor recreation is indispensable

My hobby is fishing. I consider myself a lover of carp-fishing: only in this type of fishing it is possible to catch a good trophy. Those who fished Chinese carp will get me. Fishing, of course, takes a lot of time. While you settle yourself, feed the fish. But it is worth it. Outdoor recreation is indispensable. Some spinning enthusiasts may argue with me that you can catch a big pike, but this is my opinion.