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Discipline, time management skills and self-improvement are the key to success

From the analyst to the head of the planning and dispatching department, Olga Tishchenko went through such a development path in the company. Olga told about the nuances of working as a navigation control analyst and shared secrets on how to be a good leader and build productive team work.

Omega is my first job

I came to Omega after graduating from the university, when I was 22 years old, on the position of navigation control analyst. This was my first job.

I am grateful to our company for being hired without any experience. Logistics is a new field of knowledge for me (My specialization is a sociology). But in this work everything is interesting for me.

When I joined the company, a logistics program to plan delivery routes for customers was being introduced. I was involved into the preparation of the PFA (plan-fact analysis of the driver’s route). It was created using special programs in the form of an analytical report, which contained data on route planning, the actual trip, conclusions, results and adjustments based on a comparison of the route plan and the fact.

Important tasks were solved with the help of PFA: checking the driver’s actual trip (via GPS) along the planned route, monitoring the delivery of goods and driver’s work, and system's setting up.

We made plan facts for all trips of Ukraine, and we had clear tasks from the management and their implementation deadlines. It was necessary to call the drivers and coordinate their work. At first, it was difficult for drivers to get used to driving as planned by the program, and not as they were used to, so misunderstandings arose. We tried to settle all the misunderstandings and round out acute situations.

Plan fact as a work of art

In the beginning, it was difficult to adjust. Mistakes also occurred, because the templates and requirements in the plan fact were constantly being modified. For me, the plan-fact became a work of art, which I tried to do thoroughly and perfectly, and I managed to do it.

In addition to reports, I took additional responsibilities. As a result, in a couple of months I became the head in our sector.

I paid a lot of attention to the training of all new employees, checked every plan fact. Now I understand what enormous experience I gained that time, and how much stronger that period made me.

We worked very actively, trying to clearly implement management plans. My first manager, Inna Tasun, often praised me for success and called me the «Queen of description». I was very pleased that my diligence and commitment are appreciated.

Development and growth

The movement to the position of a manager was a logical development of my skills as an analyst. In addition, I have developed good relations in the team; my colleagues respected my opinion. There are 10 people working in the department. I checked up on work of my team, made daily reports. When piecework wages were introduced to my employees, I learned to calculate wages. I started dealing with the adjustment and description of the Traffic administration processes, over the time, I studied the processes and updated the regulations. At first it was difficult, but later everything started working out.

From the very beginning of my work as an analyst, I have always been concentrated, disciplined and punctual. I always really appreciated these qualities in my employees. I realized that because of making mistakes and faulty conclusions, we would not be able to work efficiently.

I was quite tough that time; I had principal requirements for myself and for my colleagues. I still believe that discipline, time management, self-exactingness, recognition of your own mistakes and work on yourself are the key to success.

New stage

A couple of years ago after the restructuring, several departments were united into one — the planning and dispatching department.

In a new position, I learned to solve even more complex problems, find a way out of different working situations, interact with employees, constructively resolve conflicts and work effectively in conditions of multitasking and frequent changes.

My most important duty was the efficient work organization of the department. There are many important tasks in my department, and I try to keep all of them under control.

The number of employees in our department increased, dispatchers were added, and a new, very responsible area of work appeared — delivery routes planning in a special program.

Over the first 5 months, our team and I transferred all planning to Kharkiv, chose and trained new managers, and significantly optimized the staff. This period also made me stronger, I acquired invaluable experience.

A leader is like a psychologist

In my work there are a lot of advantages. I love my job, this is a huge part of my life, I even rarely go on vacation. We have a good team, there are always many changes, there is constant development and self-education.

The leader is like a psychologist — listen to everyone, help, understand and find a common compromise. You should always try to keep a balance: on the one hand, the leadership which tasks you need to perform, on the other hand, employees who you also need to be able to hear.

With all my colleagues I maintain respectful and friendly relationships, because we all work in the same team. I believe that this statement is right: «Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated». For subordinate employees, I am non-judgemental, but also demanding. I try to find a happy middle ground.

Three main working principles

I would highlight 3 main working principles: punctuality (I try to do the work promptly and without delays), justice (work should be distributed evenly among employees), responsibility (agreed - it means we do it).

Hobbies like rest from work

I am fond of astrology (it helps me understand people, it’s like a «hidden weapon»), I like reading, watching melodramas and dramas, playing sports, walking in the forest or by the river.

There are no boundaries for perfection

There is always something to strive for and where to grow. I do not speak foreign languages, but learning a foreign language really boosts brain function and memory. I would like to improve these skills.

To develop professionally, you should not be afraid to try something new and take responsibility. And if you are a leader, you should take responsibility for the entire department and consider each subordinate's mistake as your own.