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Dmytro Lytvynenko: If you want to achieve any goal, first of all you need to pursue it

Dmytro Lytvynenko, the head of the delivery department "West", is an independent, reliable, conscientious, sociable, honest and very purposeful person, who doesn’t go around in a circle, concerning his development.

"If you want to achieve any goal, first of all you need to pursue it" he said.

Dmitro is committed to new technology and innovation, he is learning, improving his professional level, sharing experiences with colleagues. He is growing up with Omega, which, in his opinion, has a great future.

Shortly about work

We have a rapidly advancing company, so it takes a lot of efforts to keep up with the world.

When I came to Omega, I think 2013 was a very active year for the company. At that time there was a task to open and launch a network of cross-docks: our warehouse, from which we would deliver spare parts to partners, had to appear in every regional center of Ukraine.

Since the deadline for the project was six months, this is where the whole process was started. We faced a lot of difficult tasks: to select warehouses with the necessary area and location, to adjust the processes of overloading, to meet the deadlines for the arrival of mainline machines, to select the personnel who will work in the plants. By the way, we have chosen wonderful specialists. And, of course, we needed time for business trips in Ukraine to implement this task. Delivering of goods due to a given scheme was implemented before the announced deadlines. I used to be home very little during that period. But now our partners can rely on our company and be sure about timely delivering of goods.

Difficulties in working processes

Difficulties can be different, depending on which side we look at them. Sometimes they appear simply as a sign that our process is a little outdated and needs to be improved or corrected. It's a good thing that we work as a team and together we can find the best solution. And there are chef executives who will always help with the work.

Hobbies and interests

My family and I always try to find time for traveling. I also like fishing, of course I am neither a fanatic nor a poacher. I just like to spend time on the shore of any water reservoir, looking at the water, because it helps to order my thoughts.