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Dmytro Pyzanov: "My personal goals coincide with the Company goals"

In our Company, Dmytro Pyzanov leads the development department of the Selection Program. A soccer and futsal fan. Therefore, he compares his work with the work of a football manager: “You should always keep your finger on the pulse. It is necessary to be occupied with the completion of the team, to adjust all processes, internal and with subcontractors, constantly look for ways to improve and develop. As the result, you get a product that a customer loves".

If we continue comparing it with the world-famous game, then over the ten years of work in Omega, he has grown to an extra-class forward, the level of famous Sheva - Andrey Shevchenko. Set a goal, plan - and go forward, at the helm, skillfully avoiding any obstacles to achieve a team result.

“My personal goals coincide with the Company goals. We strive for development, and we have the character of a leader! - is sure one of our best experts in the spare parts selection program. Be the first, constantly improve, develop myself both as a person and a professional are what work gives me at Omega!”