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I see a purpose, but I do not see obstacles

Yevgen Sobol, the project manager of the WMS system implementation*, has been working at Omega for over 20 years. During the interview we found out how Yevgen built his career, what interesting projects he implemented and how he achieved his goals.

Start at Omega

I joined the company in 1999 as a storekeeper. Only 12 people worked at the warehouse that time. My first boss was Volodymyr Reshetnyk, who taught me responsibility in carrying out set tasks.

After studying the product range in stock, I was entrusted with its forwarding. I also interacted with clients, dealt with problems, if there were any.

This work taught me to make decisions myself.

Warehouse logistics at its best

In 2003, I became the shift supervisor of the release zone. My responsibilities included timely dispatching of spare parts. But in this position I did not work for long. The company was actively developing and gaining ground; people managers were needed.

In 2004, I was offered a position of warehouse logistics manager. Here I mastered all nuances of warehouse logistics.

I enjoyed working in this department. We had many interesting tasks: it was necessary to invent new processes using various programs and tools.

New level of development

The next step was the position of warehouse logistics analyst. I moved to the next professional development level: started working with databases, creating accounting of the logistics department.

In 2008, the company introduced a program for warehouse management. The project implementation took about a year. And the experience that I gained gave me the opportunity to understand all the nuances of inventory control.

Interesting projects

In 2010, it was urgently needed to introduce the program in the Kyiv warehouse. I was entrusted to start the system from scratch. This was my first independent project of such level. The system was put into commercial operation. Then they introduced the inventory control program at the tire warehouse.

The most interesting project in my career was the establishment of electronic document flow. The project required unconventional solutions. For the company it is an area with good prospects. EDI significantly speeds up the documents signing and reduces the likelihood of their loss.

Now I am working on a modernization project of the existing warehouse management system. We work in a project team of 8 people, and all of us are result-oriented.

I see a purpose, but I do not see obstacles

In my work I always set goals. It is impossible to do your job properly without this. I am always guided by the principle of «I see a purpose, but I do not see obstacles». I recommend everyone to read the book «The Goal. A Process of Ongoing Improvement» by Eliyahu M. Goldratt which inspired me.

I enjoy going into processes thoroughly, set them, change and optimize. I get a lot of pleasure from the work that’s been completed when I get the planned result in the end.

I also like studying new areas in logistics. I easily took new implementation projects that have not yet been studied in our company - TMS (transport management system), EDI (electronic document flow.)

Interaction with colleagues

It’s interesting to work in the company, there is always something new. The company is forging ahead; it is developing, so there will always be new interesting projects. Omega also taught me responsibility, now it helps me in life.

The company has many ambitious managers. Working with them, you gain experience. I would recommend all employees to read specialized and business literature, it helps to master new skills at work and get to know of yourself.

I am always open in communication with colleagues, ready to listen to any point of view. If someone has problems, I conduct training and help to figure it out.

Hobbies in free time

I spend free time with my family, we ride bicycles, go to the forest. Recently I have also got interested in radio electronics.

* WMS-system (Warehouse Management System) is software designed to automatize management of warehouse processes and warehouse complex operation as a whole.