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Ihor Filiptsov: I appreciate my time and work

Ihor Filiptsov, a storekeeper in the Omega central warehouse, has been working in our friendly team for almost 10 years. Ihor is an employee trusted by his colleagues and the management, appreciating his professional qualities. He is also an experienced fisherman. Read in today's article about Ihor Filiptsov's first steps at Omega and what attracts him at work.

I caught the working rhythm

I was invited for an interview, and I’ve got a position. After that there was a tour of the Omega territory, conducted by a member of the courier delivery service area. Next was a week of internship with quite a lot of work. My first shift was a night one. I remember well how shift supervisor Dmytro Kishchuk asked me if I had any idea about parts. I jokingly answered then that I could distinguish a shock-absorber from a filter. I worked the first shift well, as for a newcomer. Well... I was told so. In those first months of work I appreciated the scale of the company, I caught the working rhythm.

I am really intothe established workflow

If we talk about the company in general, I like the stability. I am also satisfied with regular, stable income. Everyone knows clearly what they have to do to achieve results. All employees are part of one big mechanism. Our personal income also directly depends on the result of the common cause. The company is constantly striving to develop. Different methods to motivate employees are regularly implemented. We are really into the established workflow, the implementation of which brings results, both for the company and the employees.

The outcome is important

There are always difficulties. The more ambitious the company's plans, the more difficulties it has. This is a natural process. Regularly, you have to do something faster and of higher quality, and not to stop on what you've achieved. The market dictates its rules and you have to adapt to changing conditions. Some people follow blindly the instructions of their managers, leaving all responsibility for a particular result on their shoulders. My way is different. I try, first of all, to gain some insight into the task and consider everything. I do not want to do meaningless work, for me the outcome is important. People trust me, which means that I do everything right.

Ihor's chief executive, Dmytro Bushkov, appreciates his professional qualities and describes him as an active, disciplined and independent employee: "Ihor works faster than the others and makes the minimum quantity of mistakes. He was elected to the self-government committee as the leader in the custody area for selection, and systematically exceeds his working rate. Ihor has established a reputation of a responsible employee, who is focused on results. He advises his colleagues on work issues and he is ready to work under any conditions, including after-hours.

Interesting facts about me

While I was a student at the Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport, I worked as a road foreman in Kharkiv subway. I led crews of fitters, who are engaged in repairing and maintenance of tracks on the section from Akademika Barabashova station to Heroiv Pratsi station. Many rails, sleepers and parts of switches were changed there while I was working there. And after the night shift, I had time to attend classes and for combat sambo trainings in the evening.

Time spent fishing doesn't count as a lifetime

I have many hobbies. But one of them has been with me since I was small – spin fishing. I regularly go fishing regardless of the year seasons and weather. I love this type of fishing for its dynamism. After all, the predator should not only be found, but also provoked to a bite. It is necessary to take into account the structure of the shore, the bottom, the nature of the river’s flow... And then everything is in the hands of the fisherman. For me, it's a sport, where you are up against the same sly sportsman under water. One single bite can make the trip successful. The haul is never my priority, though I always return with it. I often let the fish go. Much more important is the process itself, which allows you to completely disconnect from everyday problems: to breathe in fresh, not urban air, enjoy the colors of nature. And when you come home tired after covering lots of kilometers on a snowy river bank, you realize that it was worth it. No wonder people say, "Time spent fishing doesn't count as a lifetime!"