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Illia Vrublovskyi: "Nothing is impossible!"

The new character of our #omega_people column is Illia Vrublovskyi, PL sales manager (cargo direction) (ed. PL -Private Label). Ilya has been working in our friendly team for 4 years and shared with us his work life hacks and hobbies.

At the beginning…

It was quite difficultin the new job at first: the flow of information, new terms and acronyms made me dizzy. But over time, everything was sorted out and I understood the whole work processes. The Omega’s team helped me to understand everything: my direct supervisor, colleagues in the department, and employees from other departments and brunches, who always share their experience and help me solve all kinds of tasks and questions.

Finding an approach to every client

Clients are different: it is easy to establish a relationshipwith some of them, but it is more difficult with others. Although it is sometimes difficult to find the right approach in order to get the maximum result in cooperation, nothing is impossible. It is enough just to find a common language and use individual approach: to find common interests, to identify needs or help the client to solve any problem, even if they are not in your competence. And then clients become more open and respond effectively to my requests.

Team player

Illia's supervisor Serhii Litvinov (Head of the PL freight promotion department) considers Illia as a communicative, persistent and decent employee: "Illia is a team player who is always happy to share his knowledge and experience with colleagues. His professional and human qualities earned for him love and respect in the team. I can mention the following Illia’s work achievements:

- high PL share by assigned clients in the entrusted region;

- consistently high results in the expansion of the PL assortment in the client's basket;

- regular feedback on the expansion of the new PL assortment.

Illia is a very organized and technically competent manager".

Interesting hobbies and passions

In the summer on my weekends I like to go fishing, preferably away from the city, where there is no rush and city noise. Fishing helps me to relax mentally, to be alone with myself and nature, and if things go well - to get a charge of adrenaline from a good bit. I also like shooting range, you can always get a lot of positive emotions there.

Last winter I got a new hobby - cooking meat delicacies: dry sausages, all sorts of jerky, cabanas and carpaccio. I even built a small smokehouse and climate chamber for this purpose. And, as it turns out, it's not difficult for me at all. Probably my first education as a catering technologist helped. I like to treat my family with some new meat product of my own production.