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Larysa Yakovlieva: 16 years with us

Larysa Yakovlieva, an office cleaner, has been working for the company for 16 years and she is an important member of our team.

Larysa remembers her first steps in Omega very well: "I joined the company in 2004. I remember my first day at work as if it were yesterday. It wasn't hard to work, I learned a lot on my own, sometimes colleagues helped me. And 16 years passed like one day".

Larysa told about the peculiarities of her work: "I'm not afraid of work, I worked in different areas, in the warehouse, in the carpentry shop and in the office. I come to work with pleasure, though sometimes I have to get up at 4-5 am. I like the way "Omega" treats professionals of industrial worker jobs, it is convenient that there are service buses and a canteen. We also have a very beautiful and well-groomed area, which pleases and inspires us. The Omega has friendly staff who are always there to help. I have a good relationship with the people from the warehouse. Of course, everyone has difficulties in working process, but everything can be solved. Each of us has experience, and together we can solve any problem”.

Larysa’s chief executive and colleagues consider her as a very disciplined, punctual employee who is responsible for the quality of his work. Her colleagues also note her responsiveness: "Larysa is a responsive and hard-working person, assists younger employees in their work, always supports and helps in word and deed, in difficult moments".

In her leisure time Larisa pays a lot of attention to the education of her grandson, and she is also interested in history, loves watching historical films: "I love my grandson very much, he is the meaning of life for me. Also in my free time I am engaged in a kitchen garden, growing vegetables. I love to solve crossword puzzles. They train the brain in order not to stagnate".