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Mykhailo Razkevych, a storekeeper of the acceptance area: responsibility is the basis of the whole character

One of the most striking features of Mykhailo Razkevych is responsibility. It manifests itself not only in his approach to work duties, or in building relationships with colleagues. Responsibility is at the core of Mykhailo's character, it is the value he relies on. And this value is one of the most important in our company. That is why during 8 years of work at Omega, Mykhailo gained the deserved trust and respect of his colleagues and also became the chairman of the self-governing committee at our warehouse.

Today, Mykhailo shares with us his memories of the first steps in the company.

First impressions

When I first came to «Omega», I was impressed by the territory - well-groomed and very beautiful! I remember there was a small excursion for beginners on the first working day and I was given the log book to familiarize with the working rules. I was surprised that there was said to welcome everyone in the rules! It was then when I realized that this is in the culture of the company, and the team is very friendly.

At the Omega from the second try

Few people know that I got to Omega from the second try. BeforeOmega I didn't come across spare components, so I couldn't pass the interview from the first time, because I didn't pass the test on the knowledge of spare components. I had no idea what they looked like or how they were called.

What do I like my job for?

I don’t say that I have a very simple job. But there are a lot of good things in it: I understand my work functions in the company, we have a friendly team, and it definitely isn’t boring.

I really like the way the Omega workers are able to rest, especially the company parties - it's something unbelievable!

Now I don’t see any difficulties in my work. Of course, sometimes there are controversial issues, but my managers will always help me and give me the right piece of advice.

The best rest is with the family

I won't make up: I don't have time for a hobby at the moment, as there is not much free time. But I'm trying to spend all my leisure time with my family.

Yevhen Neielov, Mykhailo’s chief, notes that he is a real expert in his field: «In his area is always one of the best, a real pioneer: if you need to go on a business trip or share his experience, he is always ready! He is a very principled person, honest and fair. Mykhailo always abides the rules and it is easy to have a dialogue with him».

In addition, Mikhail actively offers ideas for improving the company's work. Only during the last six months, he has already offered 7 ideas to improve the work of the warehouse.