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Mykhailo Vtorov: learn, learn more, learn forever!

Mykhailo Vtorov, the Head of the Regional Warehouses departmenthas been working in our team for 10 years. Mykhailo successfully rose through the ranks from a storekeeper to the head of the department, and everything is because he was keen to get new knowledge and opportunities, and was not afraid of difficulties.

Mykhailo is an example of openness, he constantly develops his professional skills, he is always ready to help his colleagues, Mykhailo openly talks about his path in "Omega", and does not even think to remain complacent.

First job with serious goals and plans

"Omega" is my first job with serious goals and plans for the future. The first time I got to the warehouse, my mind was reeling, in addition to the fact that I could get easily lost, I also lost consciousness from trying to understand what was going on there. This is a separate state, a real anthill; the scale of the warehouse is amazing.

Adaptation in a new place

Like all newcomers, we were assigned to physical labor areas: a palletizer, areas for checking/repacking car body elements, etc. I was assigned to a receiving area. My Training was easy and my mentor was a pro, I was very interested in starting to work independently. Up to the present day, I consider the goods acceptance section as the foundation of the entire warehouse process, further indicators of the warehouse servicesand quality depends on it. One accepter’s mistake is a dissatisfied customer in the future.

Aspiration for the best

After six months of work, understanding the essence of the goods acceptance, my curiosity got to the function of the section coordinator, more specifically an interesting system WMS Solvo in his monitor. A year after my employment, I received a proposal to try myself as aacceptance section deputy coordinator, which, of course, I could not refuse. A lot of new functionality motivated me to continue in the same way -to learn,learn more, learn forever!

First achievement

There were changes in the staff schedule further in the warehouse, and one shift was added, which required a person for the position of acceptance area coordinator. After a short interview with the head of the warehouse, I got an approval and took up this position. Unfortunately, the shift did not last long and it was disbanded in six months. I returned back to the position of storekeeper, but with a different point of view, experience and understanding that I want to provide more benefits than just accept the goods.

During my work in the warehouse there is something to remember, there were some difficulties, but up to this day I am grateful to the cohesive staff for their work and support. Working at the warehouse has laid down strict discipline, resilience, endurance, high work capacity and calmness.

Move forward

I wanted to get professional growth, so I looked for vacancies inside the company. My colleagues in logistics opened the position of the accounting manager of returnable packaging. I submitted my candidacy, and I was assigned for an interview. It was exciting, I was worried that it was a completely different job, a new team, and it was necessary to leave the formed comfort zone. As a result, I was hired and successfully passed the prove-out time.

It was necessary to learn everything from scratch in the new position. I faced a lot of problems during the first month, misunderstandings and disagreements with related departments. It was the most difficult month, during which I simply forgot about the breaks because I was completely immersed in the work. I am grateful to my boss who always found time to help for constant support.

Three months later, I was up to speed on all consumables for warehouses, was acquainted with all 24 chief storekeepers of cross-docks, the arrival / consumption of returnables, I was engaged in additional delivery of orders. Everything was under control, and I was always ready to help my colleagues. Due to standardization, the working day was planned clearly and without deviations, there was time for additional tasks.

The work was interesting, I was not bored at all, and every new day was like an exciting quest.

Project on opening of the Regional Warehouses

The company started an interesting project aimed to open regional warehouses. And, accordingly, there was a need to train new warehouse personnel in Dnipro. Thus, my first business trip as a specialist in goods acceptance took place. It was not easy: everyone imagined the general picture and what kind of result should have been, but there was no template how to work. A month later, our first-born, a regional warehouse in Dnipro, got on its feet and took its first steps.

The Regional Warehouses project started to gain momentum. Zaporizhzhia, Odessa, Mykolaiv - it was easier with each new warehouse, we already knew what to do and how to start. The project had already its own manufacturing technician.

I became a more multifunctional employee - in addition to training new employees to accept goods, I also studied other warehouse processes: selection, shipment and I was learning how to coordinate.

When about 10-12 warehouses had already been opened, the project was transformed into a separate structure. In addition to accounting for returnable containers / consumables, I supported warehouses, provided training and advice, but already remotely.

New career prospects

Later I was offered the position of warehouse logistics manager in the Regional Warehouses department. New knowledge appeared: the process of the warehouse topology creation, calculation of necessary warehouse equipment, warehouse rules adjustment and much more. We continued to open other warehouses in Ukraine; in total we have 19 warehouses. Due to the staff increase, I took a new position as the head of the Regional Warehouses department. Under my leadership, there were 12 regional warehouses. The work continues, we don’tremain complacent.

What you like about your work

Since we work with all regions, there is no chance to sit still. We like to support our colleagues and help employees who need it. I help free of charge, because I believe in the boomerang effect.

The tight connection with warehouse logistics gives me the opportunity to learn the process not only in theory, but also in practice: I remember how to work, and I am not squeamish about it. For each process, I always give a deeper meaning for myself than just "goods need to be accepted/dispatched".

Mykhailo’s boss, Artem Suglobov notes his openness, responsibility, diligence and readiness for innovation: "Mykhailo learns quickly, always shows interest in new ideas, strives to upgrade the processes, which allows to speed up work at warehouses. He is always ready to be a mentor for new employees and pass on his experience. Mykhailo is open to colleagues not only from his department, but also from related ones".

Free time and hobbies

I spend time fishing with great pleasure; I like to relax on the shore of the pond with tents - silence and calmness. I am always open to interesting and active leisure time. Once I had a passion to the exotic animal world, I grew eight tarantula spiders. The largest reached in leg span 20 + cm, the body ~10 cm.