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Occupy yourself with your favorite job - and you will not work, any single day in your life

I joined the company in the fall of 2007 as a sales information support manager (CIS). Then I transferred to the position of a remote sales manager of car imports, was a participant in the Golden League program, worked as the head of the remote sales department, and then as an analyst of the remote sales department.

Good working tandem

Trading gives me pleasure in any of its directions: this is communication with customers, and market research, and interaction with colleagues, and coordination of the work of employees in the sales departments, and conducting analytical work in order to achieve high results.

Regardless of my position, I always follow the principles of: responsible approach, immersiveness and friendliness. I believe that these are important qualities for any profession.

The ability to conduct a dialogue and work in a team plays the key role. Our work process is structured in such a way that each client interacts with both a sales manager and a distance sales manager. Professionals have always worked with me!

When solving some complex issues, we agree among ourselves and, by a common logic, work with the client. The sales manager is the eyes, and the distance sales manager is the hands! This is a good working tandem.

All the time in moving fashion

Omega is a very dynamic company, it constantly encourages development and personal growth. I have always been attracted by policies aimed at supporting employees, declaring their values and everyone's contribution to the overall process.

Priceless experience in overcoming difficulties

At first, it was difficult to study a wide range of products offered, deal with a huge number of processes, get used to constant innovations and implementations. But due to the continuous improvement, movement and flexibility, as well as the coordinated work of the team, the company managed to go through the crisis of 2009 and the difficulties of 2014.

I also gained experience in implementing and using new software (we already have the third Web-store), I learned how to develop the skills necessary for the spare parts sale.

It's nice to be a part of Omega

It is nice to see the growth and development of the company, the opening of new branches and the introduction of new services. At the same time, realize that you are a part of this complex mechanism too and go forward, carrying out daily tasks, as well as take part in corporate events with the company.

Of course, as in any business, you have to face some difficulties: process a large amount of information, study and understand something new. To do this, I try to plan my working time, as well as learn from other people's experience.

I am an open person and am glad to share my knowledge and skills with my colleagues, and at the same time I am ready for new information.

Not by the office alone

In my free time I don’t sit still - I like activity holidays and traveling with family and friends, it gives a powerful charge to achieve new goals, and my favorite work helps me in their achievement.