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Oleksandr Abashev: I am known as a specialist in my field

Today we are going to tell you about the story of success of our employee Oleksandr Abashev, a team leader of the mobile applications group.

Oleksandr is always open not only to new knowledge, technologies and innovations in the company, improving professional skills, he also kindly shares his experience with the team. Oleksandr is a true ambitious IT expert and a competent leader.

Openness is one of the values of our company, and we can say with confidence that Oleksandr Abashev fully shares it.

You can read about the admission and development of Oleksandr in the company, the intricacies of the profession and the nuances of work tasks in our article.

First steps at «Omega»

I started working at Omega in 2008 as a programmer. I had various tasks, the opportunity to work with new software products. I was interested in new projects. I came to the company with knowledge that few people at Omega had at that time. Therefore, I was assigned to do the task of the new functionality follow-up revision in the modern accounting system.

In the beginning, of course, there were certain difficulties in interacting with a large number of customers. Therefore, I began to develop the communication skills with difficult customers; I learned to plan my working hours. Also, when interacting with customers, I tried to help them present their ideas in a more structured way, without logical contradictions.

I liked to be proactive, so I took on projects of any complexity and, that is not less important, completed them. I learned new things and taught other employees what I knew myself.

Professional rapid progress

Over time, I became a lead programmer, and my responsibilities significantly expanded.

I controlled not only my own work, but also partially other developers' work. I had to perform the functions of both a business analyst and a system architect. To achieve the set goals, it was necessary to go far beyond the scope of the job description. The work has become more difficult, but more interesting.

Expert in his field

The next career stage was the position of the head of the sector. My responsibilities have expanded to administrative work and HR management. A lot of time was spent meeting with colleagues and planning the work of the sector: I had to organize the work in such a way that each employee understood what results were expected from him and in what time frame. I was responsible for the whole team, and if it was necessary to defend the interests of the team, I did it.

All my subordinate employee have already worked with me before, and I have already developed a reputation as an exert in their field, responsible and fair. Therefore, there was always a friendly atmosphere in our team, in the team we always communicated on equal terms, and I have always considered my colleagues' opinions.

Working on this position taught me to understand people better, to see the reasons for their actions, to focus on the result, but not on solving separate tasks.

Team Lead

Following the structural changes in IT management, narrowly focused sectors have been eliminated and teams with broader system coverage have been created to execute specific customer tasks. Therefore, when forming teams, I was offered to lead a team of the mobile applications development. I gladly agreed - this direction interests me, and I see the future in it. All over the world, processes are becoming more mobile and faster applications, microservices. Before that, I was already interested in the mobile applications development, took training, and participated in pilot projects, so I had the necessary knowledge.

I believe that without the development of these technologies, a modern company can not be competitive in the market.

Interesting responsibilities and cool projects

As a lead, my main responsibility is to keep mobile applications for transport logistics in working order and to carry out improvements on them.

We also develop, retrofit and support the work of the company's chat bots. In addition, we maintain the efficiency plus make improvements in the mobile application for warehouse logistics.

The coolest project at the moment - we took for support a client-server application for transport logistics. The back end is an application written using the Java Spring Framework and the front end is an Android mobile app in Java + Kotlin.

I had to figure out the code and structure of both applications in a very short time and start retrofitting them. I coped with this task, and now both parts of this application are actively being retrofitted.

But, I believe that the most important achievements are still ahead.

Basic principles of work

In my work there are a lot of advantages. I am working on interesting projects, from the side of transport logistics there is an excellent analyst who sets tasks and tests their implementation.

Talking about the minuses there are following working points: my team is responsible for many small, already working mobile services, and there are not enough employees for these tasks.

Three principles that I follow in my work: be a professional in your field; be responsible for your work, do not look for «ones in fault»; constantly learn, try new technologies.

Constant learning is necessary in my profession. I also believe that for a team leader, it is necessary to have experience as a practitioner in order to understand work from the bottom up. In the future, this will help make decisions and predict the reaction of subordinate employees.

You need to be open to the opinions of all team members, encourage initiative and innovation, and also help team members develop competencies and plan their training.

Professional development and skill improvement

I plan to take some courses on the Java Spring Framework with in-depth immersion in practical application. It is also necessary to improve my knowledge of the English language - I have already finished the 3rd level, passed the exam for the Intermediate level, but I realize that I still have to study and study.

An exciting hobby is like a reboot from work

I like my job. Even at weekends, I mentally plan what I will do during the next work week. Active rest or a change of the activity helps to reload and take a break from work.

I love to do everything with my own hands in construction and renovation. In this, the main rule is to do it no worse than professional builders. I did most of the construction work in the apartment myself - from the rough floor screed, plasterboard structures to wiring, plumbing and laying tiles and laminate.

At the summer cottage, I have built myself a cellar and a septic tank. The septic tank is a three-meter structure below the ground level, made of one-piece waterproof reinforced concrete, which I also made myself.

On the site, I have also built a wooden house for children using frame technology and a household building made of aerated concrete blocks.