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Oleksandr and Yaroslav Zaika - effective close-knit family work

Whole families and even dynasties work in Omega. Oleksandr and YaroslavZaika - father and son, who work in the Khmel’nits’ky branch of our company area striking example of it. In 2015, Yaroslav, a freight forwarder driver of a light truck, joined the Omega teamand 2 years later – Oleksandr joined as a pickup truck forwarding driver. Read today about passion for driving, love for their work and the dreams of our today’s column characters.

Yaroslav Zaika: I love movement

I came to Omega as a storekeeper and worked at the warehouse for two years. Then I felt I wanted more movement and switched to the position of a freight forwarder driver. Now I have a lot of communication at work with both the warehouse employees and with customers all over the region. I consider spare parts delivery to our customers as quickly as possible as the main value of my work.

I just relax on the road. I like the movement, the change of directions; it's a mini-travelling for me! I don't like to be in the same place, I need the ability to move, and that's what my job is all about. I also like our team.

Yaroslav and Oleksandr's supervisor Serhii Mykhalev, warehouse manager in Khmel’nits’ky, says that you can always count on Yaroslav, he will do everything on 200%: “Yaroslav is calm, sensible, thoughtful, not impetuous, loyal to innovations in the company. He is as they say. He is, as people say, in his right place and is always ready to offer his help to his colleagues”.

Future plans

In the future, I would like to be a senior driver. I'm interested in transportation logistics, and I understand it. I would like to expand my knowledge of logistics in other regions, get an internship in other branches.

Only mountains are better than mountains

I love hiking in the mountains. Currently I am travelling across the Carpathian Mountains, and I dream of going to the Alps in the future. I love the peace that is in the mountains, to enjoy the beautiful mountain landscapes. I am also passionate about fishing, cars and traveling. It's something I would never give up! And, of course, a cup of coffee in the morning.

Born on the same day with my father

It's interesting that my father and I not only work together, we were born on the same day. My father taught me the love of driving, the first time I got behind the wheel when I was 16.

Oleksandr Zaika: working for pleasure is my life credo

Work should bring pleasure, because working for pleasure is my life credo. I am a man of old school and I got used to quality work, to last. In my job, I like being on the road, working with our clients and our good team.

Serhii Mykhalev says about his work: "Oleksandr is a very responsible employee and does his job well, offers ideas on how to improve the processes. He rarely crosses paths with his son Yaroslav during working hours and they work in different directions. But in case of a car breakdown, they always help each other".

When dreams come true

I once had a dream of having my own orchard. Now I can proudly say that for eight years I have had orchard with 500 fruit trees! Now we are tilling and tending it, harvesting it for pleasure. I also like fishing and hiking in the Carpathian Mountains.