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Oleksandr Levytskyi: Omega is a place where I understand my tasks and where I get results.

Oleksandr Levytskyi, a reclamation manager is a true pro. Trouble-free run in Omega is thirteen years. There are no hopeless situations for him. He masterfully solves any incomprehensible situations and always taxies in favor of our company from a seemingly hopeless turn. «The right decision is the result of experience. And experience is the result of wrong decisions», he asserts knowingly.

In his work, Oleksandr is attracted to solving difficult problems: «I like to find solutions that will satisfy the customer». Oleksandr, having a decent store of knowledge and extensive experience, is constantly improving his professional level. Finds technical literature, delves into information about part sizes, oil properties, assembly technology.

Oleksandr’s manager speaks of him as a highly skilled specialist and a real optimist: «Oleksandr has good stress resistance, can technically and correctly explain the reason for the failure of the part, both to the customer and our managers. He has vast experience in dealing with technically complex complaints, does not spare his personal time for continuous training. He is very positive and easy to communicate».

Oleksandr is fond of motorsport since his student years. And even though he put his helmet into cold storage, he continues his feasible participation in organizing and refereeing various automobile sports competitions.

The further way is very clear to him – full speed ahead! In his development, he’s not going to get overhauled because he doesn’t think of himself outside of our team: «Omega is a place where I understand my tasks and where I get results».