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Olga Chykerenda — is an integral part of Omega

It is said that you can't jump over your own head. Nonsense! In order to take the intended height, first of all, you need to plan your jump correctly. Then any bar capitulates to the hard-working and systematic...

Omega workers conquer other heights. But there are people in our ranks who are ready to take the bar higher than the official for the sake of common cause. For example, Olga Chykerenda, the head of the controlling department, is an employee of the "golden" link, without whom there is no way.

Her responsibilities include setting up, organizing and maintaining management accounting. Responsible, demanding both from herself and her subordinates, the manager handles with this task efficiently. And all is because she is a real crackerjack in terms of time management. “Whoever does not know how to use his time properly, the first one who complains about its lack,” she is sure, following the famous French philosopher Jean de La Bruyère.

That is why Olga has enough time for everything. For a great job and a great vacation. For traveling, fitness, chatting with friends. It cannot be in any other way, because she is an integral part of Omega: a friendly team of successful business people.