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Pavel Nikitin - 20 years with Omega

Pavel Nikitin, the security shift supervisor, is a real «old-timer» of Omega. He has been working in our friendly team for about 20 years, he has been a member of the Golden League program for three years. He is the man who can tell about the story of our company formation and his invaluable experience.

How it all began

I will have been working in Omega for 20 years in January. Earlier, Atomkomplekt was located on this territory, where I worked. And Omega used to rent one warehouse there. I remember how it all began: here they brought rubber by waggons, unloaded and stored. Yurii Vasilenko, the warehouse supervisor, was still a student at that time and worked part-time unloading waggon. The company made repairs, continued planting conifers on the territory, in general, beautified itself.

20 years together

At the moment, I like everything about my work. From my former colleagues, who are now retired, I heard that they did not stay anywhere for more than three months. And I have been holding out for 20 years! Having received the position of protection of facilities, I carry on professional journey being retired. I really like my work schedule and the team! I have always been happy with the pleasant and trusting attitude of the administration.

Work days

Every day I deal with drivers and carriers, and I always try to help them. We solve many issues every day. Not everything is included in my duties, but just as a human being, I am always ready to help in solving an arisen situation. And there are situations requiring a prompt solution. For example, a truck arrives, but there is no entry-pass. Everything is customs-cleared, but cannot enter. Someone will say: «These are not my duties, stop, wait, decide for yourself». But I can't behave this way, I call, find out, help to get to the unloading quickly.

Responsibility and observancy are the basis of the profession

Pavel's senior officer, Pavel Safonov, characterizes him as a responsible and observant employee who makes decisions quickly: “He always has a fresh perspective, can notice something what no one pays attention to. Pavel is very observant. He pays attention to everything that surrounds him. He can even do something himself without waiting for other services.

For example, a barrier burst. I'm not at work. He did not wait for me, and solved the problem himself, organized other people, found someone to call, contacted, and fixed everything. I just told me about the situation that had arisen, and how he solved it.

He is responsible, attentive, and without these features there is no way to work in security. You can give him a task without worrying that he will not accomplish it, or will accomplish it somehow in his own way. He will accomplish it exactly as it was set, or even better. He can make his own adjustments, but they will be pointful.”

Hobby for the soul

In my free time I am engaged in building. I have a dacha (country house) in Korobov Khutora, where I have planted about 50 fruit trees. The dacha is my pride, I put my soul into it. I try to spend almost all my free time there. I like the fact that I put in the effort and do everything myself. For example, I built a two-story house and a bath-house from scratch. And I did everything myself - masonry, brick, absolutely everything.