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Roman Sukhoiedov: my work gives me opportunities for constant development

Roman Sukhoiedov has been working in our team for over 10 years! Roman is a storekeeper of the self-delivery shipment area at the central warehouse, where he communicates with customers every day. Roman is a good listener, he knows how to properly sort out priorities, he is polite and tactful. In our work it is very important to provide quality service, both to internal and external customers. And Roman always tries to do more than just fulfill certain standards of work.

How it all began

Despite the fact that it was ten years ago, I remember well how my manager met me, he briefly gave me a fill-in about the structure of the company, told about my responsibilities, and I started working with a good mood.

I remember that I was very surprised that in such a huge company with a large number of employees, everyone knew each other, and easily helped with the solution of some issues.

Someone you can trust

Today my work gives me a good income and opportunities for constant development, and thanks to the coherence of our team, I don’t even notice the difficulties.

Roman’s executive, Sergii Yevsykov, believes that Roman is an employee who can easily trust:

"Roman is persistent, he doesn’t back out of his goals. Even if there are failures, he is able to assess the situation properly and take it from there. It actually helped him to become in a short time one of those people you can trust in the important moments at our work! He can help in very different matters. Roman enjoys authority among his colleagues. He is strong-minded, characterful, and works in a team for the overall result".

Team spirit is in everything

In my spare time I am keen on soccer. I really like that this kind of sport is a team one and success depends on every player! Thanks to my hobby, my son decided to follow in my footsteps and started playing soccer professionally, achieving good results.