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Ruslana Shevtsova s a person whom not a single large company can do without

Ruslana Shevtsova has been with us for almost ten years. She is a person whom not a single large company can do without: honest and polite, stress-resistant and capable, attentive and sociable document controller. Sincerely and decisively slices and dices both documents and employees. Passionate about psychology - they are!

"Work is Omega" is wonderful, reliable and interesting; it’s a fact!" - says Ruslana. And we say for sure that if Omega-worker found something to his liking (what is also always in demand), we are ready to move together towards new promising horizons of growth and development. Moving is life indeed! And movement outside in the fresh air with relatives and friends is not only a pleasant out-of-work activity, but it is also useful for health. Then, you can go to the cinema to watch your favorite films.