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Stanislav Stashevskyi: one together, and all for one

Stanislav Stashevskyi, head of the warehouse in Lutsk, has been working at Omega for eight years. During this time, he has created the crossdock from scratch and gathered a good team, which operates as a single coherent organism. Read about how it all began, about the golden rules of work and about Stanislav’s favorite hobbies in our article.

At the origins of crossdock in Lutsk

When I started working at Omega, I was surprised by how everything was arranged in the company - logistics and transport. It was a new and interesting job for me. Although I already had work experience in big corporations, it was difficult at first. But thanks to the support of colleagues from other branches and management's help, we managed to open a warehouse in Lutsk.

The Golden Team

I like the independence in my work, to feel that you are trusted. Every month there are all sorts of innovations, interesting tasks. I like to learn new things and make sure that everything works properly. Thanks to my team, which is just "golden": it keeps all the flawless operations of crossdock. There are no critical difficulties in the work. If they appear, we overcome them together. We work as a single coherent organism, due to the “one together, and all for one” principle.

Operating speed and responsibility

We have a rule: if there is a task, it must be done today and not put off to another day. Everything is done and we go home with peace of mind. My supervisor Dmitriy Litvinenko (head of the delivery department "West") is very helpful; if there are any innovations in the work, I consult with him.

Dmitriy Litvinenko considers Stanislav a good leader and says the following about his work: “Stanislav created a team of people in his unit who are ready to fulfill the set tasks. He was at the origin of the crossdock opening in Lutsk. A lot of work has been done so that now our partners can receive the goods on time. Stanislav is responsible and executive, and always tries to help both his colleagues and our partners”.

Soulful rest

My free time I prefer to spend with my family and give a rest for my soul. I am fond of fishing, I like wild fishing, not artificial ponds. Once I caught a catfish of 1,17 m on 32 kg, I catch carps of 12 kg. I also like picking mushrooms and spending time at the dacha.