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Tatyana Kurilkina: I love Omega and the people who create it

Everyone knows a common phrase of the classic: «Beauty will save the world». And Tatyana Kurilkina, our head of sales support department, adds with confidence: «...and kindness».

Her life philosophy is to help people, sometimes making unconventional solutions. To get out of seemingly deadlock situations, relying only on her own forces and resources, like a real superhero!

About her work in the company Tatyana responds as follows: «I love Omega and the people who create it. It is my life. And saving the world by embellishing the space around is just a hobby of a simple superwoman ...»

A good team is the key to success

It is interesting to work in Omega. We do not stand still, something new constantly appears. I like managing the work of my business unit in accordance with the new introductory. I like that my team trusts me and follows me in an effort to do their job as efficiently as possible, at the least cost.

Difficulties - not an obstacle for good work

I consider the difficulties as work-related issues that make it possible to develop my communication skills. You can always negotiate with customers, despite the fact that sometimes they are quite persistent and judgmental.

I also constantly contact various business units of the company. You need to be patient, tactful, willing to hear, understand, accept and find a rational compromise solution.

An interesting fact from life

I really like singing and know how to do it, I speak at various friendly events. Once it happened that I had to sing at the presentation of a new French restaurant in French, but I don’t know the language. The audience, among which there were many native speakers, received my performance very warmly.

This is a very memorable event for me. If you put your soul into your work and if you are hot upon a cause that you are doing, you will be rewarded!

My home and my family are my hobby

My home and my family are my hobby. I really love my home, decorate it with my embroideries and other hand-made things. I try to be the best grandmother for my grandchildren, arrange holidays for them.

I also love travelling with my husband, family and friends.