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Victor Zhytkevych is a real expert for clients

Viktor Zhytkevych, PL CIS Promotion Manager, is one of the most customer-oriented employees of our company. He is in constant interaction with customers, cooperates with various partners, takes into account their wishes and provides prompt assistance in every fashion. We invite you to get acquainted with the story of Victor's early days in the company.

«Welcome to the family»

For the first time in Omega I appeared for an interview. I knew Omega was a big enterprise. But as I worked in such rather large organizations as Agro-Soyuz (during its prime), Agropromtekhnika and Ukravtozapchast, I wasn't surprised by the scale of the enterprise. I was stunned by the attitude to me on the part of almost everyone who I happened to communicate with. Taking into account that I came only for an interview. Human Resources Manager behaved as if we were old and good acquaintances. Equally impressive was the interview itself, where Yaroslav Vasylovych Bisaga was present. The conversation took place in a friendly atmosphere and ended with the phrase: «Welcome to the family!»

The charm of the work is in human interaction

My work is quite difficult, but interesting. Sometimes you have to work in the evenings. We have to communicate (and not just communicate, but communicate in order to achieve a result) with customers who work in different regions of Ukraine and in various segments of the automotive parts sales business. These are directors of reputable companies, purchasing managers, and private sellers. But this is precisely the charm - in human interaction. I also like to realize that I am not working on my own, there is a huge team nearby. And this realization gives me confidence.

Victor's head, Sergiy Litvynov, speaks of his high professionalism and highlights the following business qualities: decency and responsibility, cogency and openness, mechanical training and punctuality. Sergiy is proud to share Victor's work achievements: maximum representation of Omega's own brands and a large number of active client base, excellent contact with all operators, active involvement of all participants in Omega's own brands promoting.

«I always compare Vitya with a clear German mechanism, in which everything is very competently verified and planned, literally by the minute, - says Sergii. - I think his strongest point is punctuality and mechanical training. For many customers, Vitya is a real expert, and if he recommends something, it should be taken. In the team, he never refuses to help anyone; he will always suggest and give advice. Victor is very committed to the company; he is really worried when there is some kind of a failure in the processes. He will never pass by the «dirty ashtray». And Vitya has no bad habits, and he prefers to spend all his free time in the circle of his family and his beloved dog».

Successful overcoming of difficulties

There are difficulties in any work, they arise both from the outside (circumstances that do not depend on us) and inside (we are all living people, and nobody is perfect). Many difficulties arise due to the fact that we are a large company. It helps to overcome difficulties by understanding why this or that person does this. And direct communication with colleagues, as a rule, helps to solve the problem. By the way, I recall the words of one of the leaders: «If there were no problems, there would be no need for our work».

Favorite hobby

My hobby is rather outdated: repair and improvement of a passenger car. If there was any problem, something was bad and wrong, after my intervention it gets better. And this feeling gives me joy.