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Yurii Chumak – True Omega worker

Yurii Chumak, PL promotion manager, freight-hauling direction, has been working in our company for about 13 years. During this time he has proved himself as an excellent promoter and responsive person. Yurii has become a real friend for clients, and a great role model for his colleagues. Read about Yurii's job and hobbies in today's article.

A big family called Omega

When I started working at the company, I was fascinated by its scale, the number of employees, the cleanness and tidy that I saw here. I immediately liked the attitude of my future colleagues - their friendliness and willingness to teach me everything that they know. I felt proud to be part of a big family called Omega.

There are no questions that can't be solved

I like to communicate with people, accomplish identified goals and see the result of the completed tasks most of all in my work. Difficulties in our work definitely occur because you can't avoid them when you work with people: someone is not satisfied with the price, and someone is not sure of the goods’ quality. I hold the opinion that there is no question that cannot be solved, the main thing - do not put it off. All issues that arise are resolved by personal contact with clients, and if I am not able to resolve an issue by myself, then colleagues come to help.

Yurii's supervisor, Serhii Litvinov (head of the PL promotion department, freight-hauling direction) considers him to be a communicative, decent and flexible employee. And this is how he characterizes his activity in the company: “Yurii has been working at Omega for more than 10 years, and the company has become like his own family. Yurii is a great example for those managers who have recently joined the company. I wish we had more and more such loyal and decent managers every year. He is a very responsive and unselfish person; he never keeps out of anything if he sees that he can help someone, at least with advice. Yurii is a true Omega worker. He works with clients at car markets in Kharkiv, and this is one of the most difficult categories of clients. You need to find an individual approach to each client, to become a friend who will help in solving any problems, and you also need to be a good promoter. Yuri is really great at it!”

An exciting hobby

I was brought up in the countryside from birth and learned to ride a horse from the age of six. My enthusiasm for Enduro motorcycle began relatively recently when I realized that the bicycle no longer allows me to get to interesting and unexplored places as it was before. For me a motorcycle is an opportunity to get away from stereotypes, to reboot myself, to reset accumulated moral tiredness, to feel again as a boy, rushing along country roads, breathing the flavor of the fields.