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Compasal — new tire brand

Compasal brand is owned by one of the largest tire companies in China — SHANDONG HAOHUA TIRE CO., LTD. There are three production sites, six warehouse complexes and three office buildings on the territory of the enterprise. The company's production volume is impressive: 20 million tires for passenger cars and 5.5 million truck tires are produced here annually. The machining facilities from Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan and China are used on the conveyor.

Compasal tires have received quality certificates: DOT, ECE, E-MARK, New label, SONCAP, GCC, INMETRO, CCC, Smartway, ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949. Another advantage of the brand is the excellent price-quality relationship: affordable Compasal tires are manufactured at the same factory as the APLUS tires.