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History of business during the war Tandem service station in Chernivtsi is an excellent example of cohesive and productive work

We continue the cycle of interviews with our partners, who continue to work actively in this difficult time. Today we will talk about the business of our partner, Roman Panivsky, owner of the Tandem service station in Chernivtsi. He works in a relatively safe zone in western Ukraine, and manages to help his clients, employees, and our army at the same time.

How are you working now

We are working in full, as before the war. Now there are more requirements from clients to us as specialists. We need to work fast. We are expanding our team and recruiting new employees, than we are trying to help job seekers. We have already taken a girl from Kharkov as an administrator, as well as a guy, a mechanic, from Kyiv.

Our work is in full swing, we try to help all customers. It is good that the team is understanding, so it is easy to establish effective and productive work.

What list of services do you provide

We provide a full range of our services: maintenance of the chassis, engine, filter, lubricant change, and also perform painting work. We do everything necessary so that transport can fully operate and serve all the needs of both business and ordinary people.

What challenges do you face at work and how do you solve them

A significant drawback now is the supply. Many suppliers cannot deliver goods at this time. And so, there are no more problems. With laziness, for example, we also struggle. We work from 08:30 until the last client - this is even more than our usual work schedule.

We also help the military, territorial defense and public utilities.

What achievements during this period are you proud of

First of all, I admire the solidarity of people! I volunteer from morning to evening. Administrators are very helpful in the office when I am not there.

Our service station helps to restore vehicles damaged due to hostilities.

We are working hard! We help our team, we help everyone who needs it. And by our actions every day we bring our common Victory closer!

We thank Roman Panivsky for an interesting story about the work of his business. Looking forward to your stories!

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Everything will be Ukraine!