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Bosch ESI [tronic] 2.0 Online program- 100,0000 approved solutions

Our partner Bosch has already eliminated more than 100,0000 autofaults by means of the proven solutions of the Bosch ESI [tronic] 2.0 Online software.

If you have still used SIS, EBR and P sectors in Bosch ESI [tronic] 2.0 Online, they are available absolutely free of charge until 31.12.2020.

Key benefits of the Bosch ESI [tronic] 2.0 Online diagnostic software:

1. Electric schemes - sector P. More than 30,000 electric schemes for more than 900,000 auto models and configurations.

2. Technical manuals - SIS sector. More than 16,000 troubleshootingand repair instructions for 347,000 autos.

3. Specified faults - EBR sector. 3. Over 10,000,000 approved solutions for specified auto faults.

Auto service, based on EBR's experience, provides fast and simple maintenance for specified faults, obtained from the practice of car service centers. In addition to trusted sources such as Hotline service, Bosch applies a special algorithm that searches the forums for relevant errors and faults. This algorithm was specially developed by Bosch for EBR. EBR users can be assured that available solutions are always checked by the Bosch expert team.

Another advantage is the ability to search by error code, symptoms and even by components.

Additional sectors of ESI [tronic] 2.0 will be activated soon.

You can find out more information about the Bosch ESI [tronic] 2.0 Online program in the introductory videos:

ESI [tronic] 2.0 Online - online features by reference.

ESI[tronic] 2.0 Online – troubleshooting (SIS sector) by reference.

ESI[tronic] 2.0 Online - database of approved solutions (EBR sector) by reference.

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